Our Process

Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions is developing and producing medications that people will rely on to improve their quality of life while battling debilitating conditions. Process consistency, business continuity, product availability and most important, quality are the components to successfully supporting patients in Connecticut.

Our Facility

Our secure facility is completely environmentally automated. A central computer system controls, monitors and records the temperature, relative humidity, light cycles, and carbon dioxide in the growing rooms. This helps us to further develop and optimize our growing process.

Our Laboratory


Our staff of experts specialize in supercritical fluid extraction, solvent-based and solventless extraction, and other techniques for the production of waxes, concentrates, kief, and hash. Products are further refined and formulated to produce vaping liquids, oils, dabs, and tinctures. Specialty products like the DC Vape line have been developed from a proprietary process here in our laboratories to give patients a vaping product that contains a high concentration of the flower's native terpenes, with the added benefit of no carrier ingredients. We are in the process of developing similar advanced products for the benefit of our patients.

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