Important Product Information for Registered Patients

Your registration in Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program makes it possible for you to use Medical Marijuana. CTPharma products are made from a standardized preparation of the cannabis plant and have been formulated to provide a measured dose of compounds from the plant.



Medical marijuana should not be taken by persons who are known to be sensitive to cannabis or to the compounds found in it. Tell your doctor about any problems you may have had with cannabis in the past.

Drug Interactions

Medical marijuana may interact with prescription medications such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates, narcotic pain medicines and other drugs that may cause drowsiness. Please discuss possible drug interactions with your medical professional.


Keep your medical marijuana product in a cool, dark place. Avoid areas with high humidity.

How to Take
Medicinal Marijuana

Follow your medical professional’s recommendations for administration of this product.

Cannabis may have effects that you are unfamiliar with. These include feeling “high”, which can best be described as being similar to the effect of wine or beer. You may notice that your thoughts may be disjointed or disconnected, or you may be forgetful. These effects are usually temporary.

You may also feel drowsy after taking this product, so be sure not to drive or operate any machinery or heavy equipment until the medication wears off.

Be sure to tell your medical professional about any undesirable effects, or side effects you may notice, and stay in touch with him or her as you have been advised. Keep all follow up appointments with your doctor so your response to this treatment can be evaluated.

You should also report any concerns or questions about this product to your dispensary. You may contact us at (860) 740-4340 or by using this form.


Taking too much medicinal marijuana can cause nausea, disorientation, a rapid heartbeat, and anxiety. These effects usually resolve within a few minutes to a few hours without treatment, If any of these effects should be of concern, notify your medical professional or go to the nearest medical facility for evaluation.

Be sure to tell your medical professional if you experience any unpleasant or unexpected side effects.

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