frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between CCell and Cove vape cartridges?
The CTPharma vape cartridges are CCELL technology that helps maintain the true taste of carefully crafted cannabis oils. CCELL ceramic heating elements are composed of a patented formula developed with thermal endurance in mind, meaning they can absorb and distribute heat from the embedded coil evenly and regularly. We are currently in the process of phasing out of the Convectium Cove Cartridges we’ve been using to only stock CCell moving forward.

What’s an RSO?
RSO is a cannabis oil product. RSO differs from a lot of other cannabis oils because it contains higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana. RSO generally refers to a pure extract of THC-rich cannabis oil intended for oral consumption. Since RSO is meant to be ingested, it needs to be decarboxylated beforehand so the THC is already activated.

Are vape batteries universal or do I need to buy a battery for each cartridge if they are from different producers?
The CTPharma Variable Voltage Vape Battery is a discreet and versatile vape pen packed with features including Auto Shut-Off, 3 Heat Settings, and Pre-Heat Mode wrapped in a premium steel shell. To operate, press the button 5 times to power on/off. Then press the button 3 times to cycle the voltage setting. The recommended setting with our cartridges is the blue light 3.2v setting. The CTPharma vape battery works with any universal/industry cartridge.

An important note on vape battery safety:

To guarantee maximum safety, do not charge your vape battery with anything other than the official cord from CTPharma in a USB port.

The best bet is to use a USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 port on a computer or Laptop as they all deliver 5V @ 0.5A and by charging them appropriately our CTPharma batteries are rated for a duty life of 100 recharge cycles. If you happen to use the cord for the battery you have with an iPhone wall piece, this can actually over-charge your battery causing it to potentially malfunction.

For your information a Samsung phone charger is 12V @ 2.1A, the iPhone charger 14.5V @ 2.1A, while cigarette lighter USB adapters in most cars now are 12V @ 2.1A for use with phones.

Never charge your vape battery with a phone or tablet charger, always use the cord that came with it in a USB Port.

How are premium pre-rolls different from standard pre-rolls?
CTPharma premium pre-rolls are one of our new products we are excited to bring to market.  Our standard pre-rolls come in a 3-pack and contain 0.7g each. The premium pre-rolls contain one and are 1g each. In addition to a larger size, the premium pre-rolls contain a higher THC potency because they are sprinkled with kief of the same product strain.

What’s the difference between oral solutions and tinctures?

  • Oral Solutions are medicinal syrups that offer varying levels of cannabinoid and terpene ratios.  They are alcohol-free and come in a variety of flavors.  Types of oral solutions: CBD, THC, THC/CBD, and THC-A varieties. Available in fruit punch flavor.

  • Tinctures are produced by steeping dried flower material in ethanol. Types of tinctures: CBD, THC, and 1:1 THC/CBD varieties.

  • Nano-tinctures are an alcohol-free tincture formulation that can be gently stirred into any beverage with no added taste. Nano-tinctures are designed to suspend in solution without adhering to the inside of the glass. Types of Nano-tinctures: CBD, THC, THC/CBD, and THC-A varieties.

How do I use the brownie powder mix?
We’ve come up with an innovative way to look at edibles. Our Brownie Mix Powder will allow you to make your own edible brownies at home to your personal specifications. You can use your favorite brownie mix and add the Brownie Mix Powder at any stage and mix well to evenly distribute the powder throughout the batter. Cut your brownies into 9 even pieces and dose accordingly. The onset can take 60-90 minutes so make sure to wait before you ingest anymore to customize your treatments. The CTPharma Brownie Powder is NOT flavored and will combine well with any recipe. There is 180 mg of THC per pouch, cut pan of brownies into 9 equal pieces for 20 mg THC per brownie. Check out our Brownie Powder Mix page here and take a look at our video. Happy Baking!

Besides lotion, what other topicals do you make?
We have a bath salt product that is sure to relax and balance you. Our CTPharma formulation is now fortified with cannabinoids to add a new dimension to the soothing benefits. Take a deep breath and relax, as the earthy, calming qualities of this lavender spa fragrance soothe away stress and induce serenity.