Our Hash Concentrate is made from premium grade pressed kief to yield a concentrate that can be smoked/vaped like flower. Uses: Smoke/Vape.
Available sizes: 0.5 and 1g

Kief is a dry sift of the resin glands that can be smoked/vaped, or extracted into butter or oil for cooking. Uses: Smoke/Vape or Ingest.
Available sizes: 0.5 & 1g

A shatter is a solid oil concentration of the plants medicinal compounds.
Uses: Smoke/Vape. Available size: 0.5g




general information

This guide is to provide patients with basic information for the products listed. Information provided is meant to be a guide only. Working with your dispensary, we recommend that you track your symptom relief as related to your disease state and certification.

Form of Ingestion

Oral inhalation


In original container, in a cool, dry area. Protect from extreme heat.

Additional Information

Highly concentrated and immediate onset.