CPS Pre-rolls

Our pre-rolls offer our high quality medical cannabis in a convenient, ready to smoke product. We take the best of our flowers, pack them into our all natural papers and seal them in a tube to ensure freshness. We offer pre-rolls in almost every strain and formulation. Available sizes: 0.7g


This dosing guide is to provide patients with basic information for the various dosage forms. Information provided is meant to be a guide only. Working with your dispensary, we recommend that you track your symptom relief as related to your disease state and certification.

Form of Ingestion

Flower can be ground and then smoked or vaped in many different devices.

Dosing Instructions

Inhale 1 puff into the lungs for symptomatic relief. May increase based on tolerance and need.


Approximately immediate – 5 minutes


Approximately 2-4 hours


Store in original/airtight container in a dark/climate controlled place.

Additional Information

Quick dosing.

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